Box Office Februari 2010

  1. “Shutter Island”, weeks: 2, weekend total usd 22,665,205
  2. “Cop Out”, weeks: 2, weekend total: usd 18,211,126
  3. “The Crazies”, weeks: 1, weekend total: usd 16,067,552
  4. “Avatar“, weeks: 11, weekend total: usd 13,665,274
  5. “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lighting Thief“, weeks:3, weekend total: usd 9,583,421
  6. “Valentine’s Day”, weeks 3, weekend total; usd 9,063,036
  7. “Dear John”, week 4, weekend total: usd 4,808,498
  8. “The Wolfman“: weeks: 3, weekend total: usd 4,259,865
  9. “Tooth Fairy”: weeks 6, weekend total: usd 3,425,333
  10. “Crazy Heart”: weeks 11, weekend total: usd 2,462,384

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