Rilis International (Release Date): 25 December 2015

Pemain (Starring): Samuel L Jackson, Kurt Russel, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walton Goggins, Demian Bichir, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern

Sutradara (Directed by): Quentin Tarantino

Produser (Produced by): Richard N Gladstein, Shannon McIntosh, Stacey Sher

Distribusi (Distributed by): The Weinstein Company

Budget: USD 44 million

Genre: Action

Durasi (Running Time): 167 minutes

Sinopsis (Synopsis):

John Roth (diperankan oleh Kurt Russel) adalah seorang Bounty Hunter yang berhasil mendapatkan seorang buruan bernama Daisy (diperankan oleh Jennifer Jason Leigh) dan dalam perjalanan menuju kota Red Rock. Dalam perjalanan tersebut ada dua orang yang kemudian menumpang kereta kuda tersebut yaitu seorang Bounty Hunter lainnya bernama Major Marquis (diperankan oleh Samuel L Jackson) dan seorang sherif bernama Chris Mannix (diperankan oleh Walton Gogins). Sebelum mencapai kota Red Rock mereka harus singgah di sebuah tempat sebelum melanjutkan perjalanannya. Di tempat tersebut ternyata sudah menunggu beberapa orang yang ternyata mempunyai rencana tersendiri. Dan pertumpahan darah pun terjadi di tempat tersebut

John Roth (played by Kurt Russell) is a Bounty Hunter who managed to bring a prisoner named Daisy (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh) and on the way to the city of Red Rock. In the course of the two men who then boarded the carriage is another Bounty Hunter named Major Marquis (played by Samuel L Jackson) and a sheriff named Chris Mannix (played by Walton Gogins). Before reaching the city of Red Rock they had to stop in a place before continuing their journey. In these places were already waiting for some people who turned out to have its own plan. And bloodshed ensued at the venue

Review :

Seperti film Tarantion lainnya, film ini masih mempergunakan resep yang sama, sedikit nyeleneh dan darah dimana mana

Like the other Tarantino films, the film is still using the same recipe, slightly eccentric and blood everywhere

Cerita (Story): C+

Pemain (Acting): C+

Sinematografi (Cinematography):

Special Effect:

Keseluruhan (Overall): C+

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